Water Levels… HUH!? WHAT?  I would safely say that “What is the water or river level?” is our number 1 question here at Paddler Co-op all season long!  But I can also safely say that it is the TOUGHEST question to answer.  Over all of our parent requests, paddling questions … read more

It’s with great pleasure and pride that we announce a name change for our youth programs this summer at Paddler Co-op.  One of our founders, Shawna Babcock, has been hard at work bringing Kid Active into Ontario schools with a variety of Active Play and Nature Based Activities.  Luckily for … read more

We are putting the finishing touches on Palmer River Fest and are anxiously awaiting your arrival!  Palmer River Fest is always such a wonderful buzz of positive energy and that’s you are the only people, our fantastic community and members, that can bring it!  Hopefully you are just as excited … read more

If you still haven’t registered for Palmer River Fest, don’t miss your chance! We are offering a wide range of clinic’s for new, old, seasoned and intermediate whitewater or flat water paddlers! If you aren’t into hopping into a boat -we do have lots of land based activities happening- Vendors selling an … read more

Paddler Co-op is officially open and on the water for clients! If you would like to book a private session to dust the rust off, complete any certifications before the summer gets busy or bring those active students from your High School gym class out into the wild, give us … read more