Community Kayak Nights Begin Soon! June 15th to be exact… weather permitting of course! Community Nights have been designed to let our members have a taste of paddling-or continue to skill build.  They are also hopefully an opportunity for our local community to come and try kayaking out at a … read more

Paddler Co-op operates as a “Co-op” which helps us keep our costs down for all of our individual members, helps subsidize the insurance required to safely facilitate programs and helps support our environmental initiatives on the Madawaska River.  Each season we ask for you renew your membership of $10, in … read more

It’s JUNE!   The water is warming up, the bugs are SERIOUSLY not that bad and summer vacation is FAST approaching.  As you are scheduling your vacations and weekends away- don’t forget to include us in your plans. Whether it is for a kids or young adult program, a refresher … read more