Tomorrow will be our final Community Kayak Night of the summer and as September approaches, Paddler Co-op begins to transition into the Fall Season.   Fall season around the Co-op means… Our Office hours will vary and will mainly be by appointment.   The Campground is still fully operational!  You are … read more

The Co-op is simply a buzz again today… with everything from Camp Oconto gals in whitewater kayaks, Site work, repairs and exciting new upgrades to the Early Childhood Forest & Nature Program adventures afoot, Community Kayak Night still rolling tomorrow and a delicious aroma of coffee wafting out of the … read more

Well we wanted it… and we are getting it! The rain has started to fall and looks like it may actually stay for a bit!  It’s been a nice steady flow over the last few days which should help soak into the earth.  Rain will not only help to raise … read more

With the extreme heat that we have had all summer long I know some of you might be thinking that it’s all coming to an end soon… BUT that’s not true!  Paddler Co-op is still bumping, kicking and paddling. Of course with August and the heat the water level drops, … read more

Solo Boating— or if you want to get technical… open canoeing or OC1ing is a fine art that takes time and effort to master.  Quite different than a traditional tandem canoe, a solo boat is built and shaped differently, creating a need for the paddler to take alternative approaches to … read more