Community Kayak Nights Begin Soon!

June 15th to be exact… weather permitting of course!

Community Nights have been designed to let our members have a taste of paddling-or continue to skill build.  They are also hopefully an opportunity for our local community to come and try kayaking out at a more convenient time of day during our busy summers here in the Valley.  We also found last year that many of our members met other people to paddle with-ever further extending their own personal paddling communities!

The sessions are “loosely structured” with coaching from our Instructors.  The ratios are still 1 instructor :5 participants so that you can feel safe and supported.  Many of our instructors for this session are our locals!

Kids as young as 6 years old are welcome to join- kids typically paddle in a pod separate from the adults, depending on their age and skill level.

To join us for Community Night-all you have to do is register online- by Monday, in the week of which you want to attend.  2016 annual membership needs to be current ($10) and each sessions fee is $25.

All rental gear is included, feel free to bring your own though if you prefer!

5:30- 8:00 PM- Wednesday Evening’s (June 15th- August 31st)
Session Fee’s: $25 per person/per session

*Pre-registration required, No Drop In Availability*

I*n the event of *thunder and/or lightning*, session payment will be refunded in full or applied to later session.  You will recieve notification of the sessions cancellation by 5pm on the day of session.  

Community Night Registration