19 years ago our “Foundress” Shawna Babcock opened the doors to Paddler Co-op in hopes of providing accessible paddling programs to all.  Paddler Co-op has remained true to those roots over the years, and specifically one area where you can see this is with our kids/youth programming.

Lets face it, in this day and age- quality programs for little ones are getting harder to find and rising in cost.

Paddler Co-op has managed to managed to maintain a fair price for our kids programs will admit that over the years, the kids programs content and organization has shifted and experienced growing pains, but the past few years have done wonders on the Kids program development and feedback is in from the early July programs….Both Kids, Parents and Staff are loving it.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we have brought more structure to the weeks schedule, added some new program features, amped up the staff training programs, brought in more staff members to allow for individualized attention and shifted the Kids CAN programs into Introductory & Intermediate Programs and launched a new Advanced Program to meet the growing needs of our kid community.

We are ever so grateful for your trust in sending us your young ones, and are so grateful to be part of their outdoor experiences!

We still have space in our August programming and encourage you to come check out what we’ve got going on.  If you have been happy with our kids programming over the years, please spread the word!

If you would like more details on the varying kids programs or would like to register over the phone… please email mel@paddlerco-op.ca or phone 613-758-2772!

Not sure if connecting your kiddo with nature is really necessary? We can discuss this further… and here’s a little reading to help push you in the direction that we believe in…

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