Kids C.A.N.

Kids C.A.N. Whitewater Program utilizes Canoes, Rafts, Kayaks and Dry Land Activities to support participants passion for active play and whitewater adventures.
Five Day Program Suitable for Ages 7-13, with Brand new, Beginner or Intermediate Whitewater experience.

Due to the nature of individualized instruction- Our program allows us the space to support participants on individual levels and meet their varying needs.

Program Goals:

  • Personal Canoe Skill development
  • Personal Kayak skill development
  • Understanding and Appreciation of a Whitewater River
  • Active Play and Learning
  • Whitewater River Running Instruction
  • Whitewater Rescue and Safety lessons
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Engaging On Land Activities
  • Nature Awareness and Appreciation
    • Includes Gear Rental
    • Participants require a packed lunch
    • Sessions Subject to enrolment


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Kids C.A.N. Whitewater Day Camp | Session D


Week of adventure for $415!

(That’s ONLY¬†83$/day for high quality, kid friendly whitewater programming!)

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