Solo Boating— or if you want to get technical… open canoeing or OC1ing is a fine art that takes time and effort to master.  Quite different than a traditional tandem canoe, a solo boat is built and shaped differently, creating a need for the paddler to take alternative approaches to paddling these vessels.  Using alternative strokes, angles, motions and tilts to maneuver the vessel, all while kneeling in the center of the boat, perched on a “saddle” seat.  If you have ever watched a highly skilled and graceful solo boat paddler it can almost appear as if they are dancing through the whitewater.  It is a beautiful sport.

If you are a novice/intermediate solo boat paddler looking to increase your quality paddling, focus on using your core muscles as opposed to your arms (trust me, your arms will thank you later) and you would like to finesse all the techniques you crashing you are currently crashing your way through, our instructors would gladly work with you to harness your beautiful solo boating abilities.

*Special next week we also have Andy Convery… the man, the myth, the legend, coming back to Paddler Co-op by popular demand to teach a special 2 day course focusing on technique and approaches to intermediate and advanced solo boating.  We are joining together offering this course at an INCREDIBLE deal.. essentially it ends up being 2 days for the price of 1!  August 16 & 17th @ Paddler Co-op! *

Course cost is $200 + HST

Don’t miss your chance to register, sign up online or phone the office at 613-758-2772.