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Join the Paddler Co-op Board of Directors

The Paddler Co-op is now accepting nominations for the board of directors.  


Who is the Paddler Co-op?

The Paddler Co-op is a nonprofit, member-owned organization building a better paddling community for everyone. The Co-op is Located on the shores of the Madawaska River in beautiful Palmer Rapids, ON.

We value inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability, responsibility, integrity and quality, and believe in a “people first” culture. 

Paddler Co-op is just that – a cooperative organization made up of paddlers (and newcomers or those interested in getting into the sport!) driven by our collective mission and guided by our organizational values. As a member-owned cooperative, we are all collectively “owners” of the organization when we purchase our annual membership. A member of the cooperative is an owner of the cooperative – that’s why we refer to our paddling students, campers and renters as members: they are so much more than just a paying customer!

A member of the Paddler Co-op is someone who is willing to spend their precious time and hard earned dollars in a way that aligns with their values, and believes that we are all beneficiaries when we collectively work towards a common goal.

What does the Paddler Co-op do?

In short, we offer high-quality whitewater instruction training, certifications, youth camps, group programs, trips, equipment rentals, camping, and river guiding at an affordable cost tailored to our members’ specific needs.

At our base location in Palmer Rapids, we run paddling instruction courses, kids camps, trips for teenagers, custom programs for families and business clientele. We rent equipment to outfit river trips, operate a campground, run shuttles, share river beta with eager paddlers, and host some pretty awesome events like Palmer River Festival.

We are also a community of people who love spending time outdoors, connecting with nature and each other, and appreciating the river and everything its turbulent waters and serene stillness has to offer.

Away from our base in Palmer Rapids, we sponsor events, chip in to help maintain access to river put-ins and take outs, and partner with organizations aligned with our mission. We even teach the occasional flat water basic canoeing program to professional field workers, and give presentations to high school groups on the outdoor industry and how to turn your dreams of becoming a guide into reality. We do our best to promote the safe, fun, healthy and inclusive aspects of the world of whitewater, while working to increase access and grow the sport.


Who and what is the Board of Directors?

The board of directors is the oversight and governing body of the cooperative, which controls the business activities of the organization. Our board is currently composed of six volunteers and one paid Executive Director. We are a fun group of individuals that have a variety of outdoor, business, education, marketing, research and non-profit backgrounds.  Besides being passionate paddlers, we are eager to contribute our expertise into steering the organization towards a sustainable future.  We provide guidance and support to the Executive Director, who manages the year round operations at the Co-op. The board of directors assumes responsibility for the organization’s activities and as such, assumes some liability, which we continually work to mitigate with open and transparent communication, compliant processes and Directors and Officers insurance.


Who we are looking for?

Based on our strategic priorities, organizational values and most recent assessment of the board, we’re looking for board members with specific expertise to help fulfill The Co-op’s mission and vision today and moving forward.

We want to round out our director team with folks who resonate with the paragraphs above, and have experience in:

  1. Fundraising / Event Coordinator – building a legacy fund 
  2. Grant application writing and research
  3. Financial / Accounting
  4. Legal & Risk Management 


What is expected of a Director?

  • Attend 4-5 board meetings a year, including the Annual General Meeting  (videoconference or in person as often as is possible)
  • Participate in ongoing discussions (by email, google documents)
  • Participate in committee work
  • Act honestly and in good faith to serve the best interests of the Corporation
  • Exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably careful person would exercise in similar circumstances
  • Ensure the purposes of the Corporation are properly carried out
  • Set the Corporation’s long-range objectives and strategic plans
  • Be responsible for all aspects of the Corporation’s operations
  • Ensure the Corporation’s financial stability
  • Oversee the Corporation’s management and staff.


Director Terms

 New board members will serve up to three (3) years with an option for a one-time, one year renewal based on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. A director’s term will not exceed four (4) years, as stipulated under the Act.


Want To Learn More or Apply?

If this sounds of interest to you or if you know someone that the Paddler Co-op could benefit from their skills and experience, please fill out the form below:


Board of Directors Application for Nomination

"*" indicates required fields

Let us know what it means to be a part of this organization, and what it can offer you as a volunteer
We'd love to learn more about what experience and skills you have that align with The Co-op's current priorities
Give us an idea of your current available time and capacity
We understand that there are busier times and less busy times, so an average is great
As a non-profit, our board is responsible for some fundraising activities, are you:
Fundraising can look like a lot of different things, from grant writing to event hosting, to pizza box campaigns to networking and soliciting for donations and beyond!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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