Palmer River Fest 2018 will be here soon! We realize it’s only February… but we just simply can’t wait for Palmer River Fest this year… already our favourite weekend of the Spring, this year adds an extra special layer for our community as it marks the 20th anniversary of Palmer River … read more

It’s Father’s day weekend here in the Valley, the Combermere market is open, wildflowers are blooming in full force, bugs are finally chilling out a bit and the Co-op is the place to be! This time of year we get excited to feel the sun gaining her strength, the water reaching … read more

A beautiful muggy mist set over the river early this morning and as the Camp Kandalore explorer paddlers awoke and prepared breakfast amongst the mosquitoes and pine trees, it truly felt like summer!  May brought us rain, chilly temperatures and high water, but June is already promising us more sun … read more

We are safe and dry here at the Co-op and are grateful to have members who are thinking of us. A lot of our community has not been so blessed, we are thinking of them and supporting as we can.   We are CLOSELY monitoring the water levels in preparation … read more

The countdown is on! 14 more days to go… Palmer River Fest is fast approaching… don’t miss all the details here!  Palmer River Fest Info

As we reflect on the years events of 2016 and transition into a new season of snow and ice and all the potential that a new year brings, we at Paddler Co-op are ever so grateful for the faithful members of our history, our new members and community that have … read more

Tomorrow will be our final Community Kayak Night of the summer and as September approaches, Paddler Co-op begins to transition into the Fall Season.   Fall season around the Co-op means… Our Office hours will vary and will mainly be by appointment.   The Campground is still fully operational!  You are … read more

The Co-op is simply a buzz again today… with everything from Camp Oconto gals in whitewater kayaks, Site work, repairs and exciting new upgrades to the Early Childhood Forest & Nature Program adventures afoot, Community Kayak Night still rolling tomorrow and a delicious aroma of coffee wafting out of the … read more

Well we wanted it… and we are getting it! The rain has started to fall and looks like it may actually stay for a bit!  It’s been a nice steady flow over the last few days which should help soak into the earth.  Rain will not only help to raise … read more

With the extreme heat that we have had all summer long I know some of you might be thinking that it’s all coming to an end soon… BUT that’s not true!  Paddler Co-op is still bumping, kicking and paddling. Of course with August and the heat the water level drops, … read more