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June 15, 2020 – We are now open for camping by reservation!

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Remember what Palmer River Festival looks and feels like?

It seems like it’s been ages!

It has been a long, long spring, and we want to take another moment to thank each and every person out there who has changed their habits in the interest of keeping the important people in their lives safe. There’s something remarkable about the effects collective action can have, and thanks to all of our efforts, we are now able to safely welcome folks back to the river and Paddler Co-op.


We are excited, motivated, and a little nervous to name a few feelings, but overall we are happy and confident to provide a safe space for people to enjoy the outdoors, get on the water and recreate responsibly.

We have worked hard to adapt, accept a “new normal” and provide a safe place for our members.

Over the past few weeks our management and instructor team has been hard at work developing new policies and procedures to adapt our services and site to present-day standards, and we feel confident that the controls we have in place will make a camping experience at Paddler Co-op as safe – or safer – as any other public space you may find yourself in on a given day.

We are implementing all Public Health recommendations and additional policies of our own to make everyone’s experience as safe and comfortable as possible.

These changes are outlined in our camping info package and health policy which accompanies each reservation confirmation:



2020 Camping Info & COVID-19 Precautions


We are thrilled to share that we are open for the season including COVID-friendly camping at Paddler Co-op! Given the state of the pandemic and advisory from Public Health authorities, there are some changes we’ll be making to what camping at Paddler Co-op looks like, to make it safer for all of us and do our part to reduce the spread of germs. 

We will be accepting camping bookings by reservation only for individuals and groups who: 

  • Have not shown any symptoms of respiratory illness for the last 14 days
  • Have not been in contact with individuals who have shown symptoms of respiratory illness in the last 14 days
  • Have not travelled internationally in the last 14 days
  • Agree to adhere to our Campground Health Policy listed below
  • Agree to keep the well-being of our local, paddling, and camping communities in mind during their visit

Paddler Co-op will continue to offer

  • Individual, Group, and Family Camping rates
  • Trailer camping 
  • River access & waterfront use
  • Equipment rentals and courses by reservation

Paddler Co-op will be indefinitely pausing: 

  • Retail store and in-person office access
  • Drop-in camping
  • Communal Barbecues
  • Communal indoor space in the Boathouse
  • Use of the communal fridge in the Boathouse
  • Communal fire pit use

Paddler Co-op is respecting and implementing public health guidelines and extra sanitary measures:

  • 3 times daily sanitization schedule for public surfaces / spaces
  • Additional hand sanitizer available throughout our site
  • Employees and guests must provide a pre-screening health declaration and staff undergo daily screening procedures
  • Additional staff training regarding hygiene, sanitization and health and safety

If you have any specific questions regarding your stay and what we’re doing to help reduce the spread, we welcome your inquiries! Please reach out by email to or by phone 613-758-2772



Campground Health Policy


Ensuring that we all do our part to reduce the spread of germs and illness is one of our guiding principles as we navigate the current pandemic. We value the importance of having all members of our community understand the measures we can all take to protect ourselves and those around us, while enjoying the outdoors and benefits of recreating responsibly. 


Please take time to read, understand, and comply with the guidelines listed here to make your and all guests’ camping experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. 

Paddler Co-op campers agree to:

  • Read and obey all signage posted on Paddler Co-op property
  • Respect 2m physical distancing from members of different households at all times
  • Bring 2 reusable, non-medical face coverings that cover your nose, mouth and chin, and practice proper PPE sanitization protocols when using face coverings
  • Pack personal hand sanitizer and disinfectant, and use them frequently
  • Practice proper hand and face hygiene (disinfect before and after: meals, using common spaces, and as often as you think of it)
  • Avoid touching your face – we know it’s hard at first but it becomes more natural with practice!
  • Practice proper respiratory etiquette (cough/sneeze into your arm)
  • Please minimize the number of people using common areas (one per group at a time) and use face coverings when appropriate
  • Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 people per booking (provincial regulation)
  • As much as possible, stay in your designated camping area and maintain appropriate spacing
  • Understand that failure to comply with this policy would result in campground booking forfeiture and removal from the property at the discretion of Paddler Co-op and its staff
  • Paddler Co-op reserves the right to update this policy and provide reasonable changes throughout the season

To make your stay more enjoyable:

  • Pack a cooler with ice (available for purchase locally) for your personal food
  • Plan to store food securely in the evenings – to prevent any unwanted critter visits!
  • Plan to bring your own cooking system and supplies (stove burner and fuel)
  • Get in touch in advance of your visit to ensure we can accommodate you(r group)
  • Plan to pay with credit or e-transfer

We appreciate your understanding, patience and respect of these guidelines. Thanks for doing your part to keep yourself, those around you, and our community safe! We hope you enjoy your stay at Paddler Co-op 🙂



Great! I’m looking to come and camp, what should I do?

  • Purchase your annual membership online
  • Get in touch by calling 613-758-2772 or emailing us at to reserve your spot and get the low-down from the Paddler Co-op team
  • We’ll provide you with the most recent information so all guests at the campground are on the same page and are actively keeping each other safe
  • If you are showing any symptoms of respiratory illness, stay away!
  • Plan to be self-sufficient, especially if you’re coming from another region – bring your own cooking supplies, stock up on food, fuel and necessities, and come relax!

We want you to know that we’re doing everything we reasonably can to offer a safe and friendly space for folks to come and enjoy the outdoors. If there is anything that brings up a question or concern, we welcome hearing from our membership and appreciate any feedback that comes our way – please reach out!

Once again, thank you for your community-minded action, and we are so happy to say,

Welcome back to the Co-op!

Ryan, Lynda, and the Paddler Co-op Team

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