Paddler Co-op operates as a “Co-op” which helps us keep our costs down for all of our individual members, helps subsidize the insurance required to safely facilitate programs and helps support our environmental initiatives on the Madawaska River.  Each season we ask for you renew your membership of $10, in order to enjoy our courses, access our rental gear, join in for community nights, partake in the variety of special programs we offer, receive our e-news letters and help us support the river that we all enjoy so much!

A few examples of our 2016 environmental initiatives have been; early season “river runs” to clear debris and dead fall, supporting the fishing on the Madawaska with re-stocking the river, maintaining the downriver campsites and “thunder boxes,” as well as continual river clean up and maintenance missions.  If you want to par take in our expanding environmental focus- please get in touch!

If you participated in the Palmer River Fest Courses this season- your membership was automatically paid with your course fees!  If you couldn’t make it for Palmer River Fest and have not paid your 2016 membership, we will include it the first time you come up for a course or a gear rental!

Paddler Co-op would not survive with our it’s INCREDiBLE members, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the continual support.