Solo Boating— or if you want to get technical… open canoeing or OC1ing is a fine art that takes time and effort to master.  Quite different than a traditional tandem canoe, a solo boat is built and shaped differently, creating a need for the paddler to take alternative approaches to … read more

19 years ago our “Foundress” Shawna Babcock opened the doors to Paddler Co-op in hopes of providing accessible paddling programs to all.  Paddler Co-op has remained true to those roots over the years, and specifically one area where you can see this is with our kids/youth programming. Lets face it, … read more

Holy, Moly! We have some exciting news…. Andy Convrey, the man, the myth, the legend, will be facilitating “Stop Thrashing”, an Intermediate Solo Boat Course right here at Paddler Co-op. Andy is a phenomenal paddler, founder and crafter of Echo Paddles and instructor, don’t miss your chance to partake! Current … read more

Community Kayak Nights Begin Soon! June 15th to be exact… weather permitting of course! Community Nights have been designed to let our members have a taste of paddling-or continue to skill build.  They are also hopefully an opportunity for our local community to come and try kayaking out at a … read more

Paddler Co-op operates as a “Co-op” which helps us keep our costs down for all of our individual members, helps subsidize the insurance required to safely facilitate programs and helps support our environmental initiatives on the Madawaska River.  Each season we ask for you renew your membership of $10, in … read more

It’s JUNE!   The water is warming up, the bugs are SERIOUSLY not that bad and summer vacation is FAST approaching.  As you are scheduling your vacations and weekends away- don’t forget to include us in your plans. Whether it is for a kids or young adult program, a refresher … read more

Water Levels… HUH!? WHAT?  I would safely say that “What is the water or river level?” is our number 1 question here at Paddler Co-op all season long!  But I can also safely say that it is the TOUGHEST question to answer.  Over all of our parent requests, paddling questions … read more

It’s with great pleasure and pride that we announce a name change for our youth programs this summer at Paddler Co-op.  One of our founders, Shawna Babcock, has been hard at work bringing Kid Active into Ontario schools with a variety of Active Play and Nature Based Activities.  Luckily for … read more

We are putting the finishing touches on Palmer River Fest and are anxiously awaiting your arrival!  Palmer River Fest is always such a wonderful buzz of positive energy and that’s you are the only people, our fantastic community and members, that can bring it!  Hopefully you are just as excited … read more

If you still haven’t registered for Palmer River Fest, don’t miss your chance! We are offering a wide range of clinic’s for new, old, seasoned and intermediate whitewater or flat water paddlers! If you aren’t into hopping into a boat -we do have lots of land based activities happening- Vendors selling an … read more