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Two Day Whitewater Solo Canoe Course

Quick Details

Rates are per person
Group Courses - 3+ participants

Beginner & Advanced Whitewater Solo Canoe Courses in Ontario

Try out a new whitewater discipline or brush up your skills with Paddler Co-op! These courses are two days long and start on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

Recommended for folks who:

  • Are EXPERIENCED lake paddlers & trippers looking to gain new skills in whitewater
  • Have NEVER experienced whitewater paddling
  • Have had SOME whitewater paddling experience but no formal training
  • Paddle whitewater less than a FEW times a season
  • Want to try a new whitewater BOAT or discipline
  • Haven’t paddled in YEARS and want to “dust the rust off”
  • Want to LEARN to paddle with a new partner who has no experience

What will I learn?

We specialize in tailoring our program to suit your needs – every course is a bit unique and will cover:

  • Equipment fit and internationally recognized safety practices
  • How to enjoy whitewater paddling and have fun on the river!
  • Learn whitewater swimming and industry standard self-rescue skills
  • Strokes and techniques to move your boat and stay on line
  • How to perform the most common whitewater maneuvers in a canoe
  • How to identify whitewater hazards and read the river (scouting)
  • How to improve your paddling skills with feedback and coaching from our professional instructors
  • Achieve your specific paddling goals (upon request, at the instructor’s discretion)
  • How to be a responsible and inclusive paddler and develop an appreciation for our rivers!

Book into a scheduled course or gather your friends and organize your custom adventure! Group discounts (15%) for 5 or more paddlers and (20%) family discount rates available on instruction costs.

Intermediate/Advanced Whitewater Solo Canoeing Courses

So you’ve mastered the basics and are looking to tune your whitewater skills? This intermediate/advanced course is great for people who typically get out paddling one to five times a season and are looking to tune up their whitewater skills in a relaxed atmosphere with helpful, safety-conscious guides.

If it’s your first time out this season, but you hit the water a bit last year, this is the course for you. Courses are two days long and they start on Tuesday or Saturday. If you are interested in taking an intermediate/advanced course please call our office to discuss course dates: 613-758-2772

Intermediate/Advanced Paddlers!

  • Tune up your whitewater skills in a relaxed atmosphere!
  • Perfect for paddlers who get out paddling one to five times a season!
  • Work on the strokes required to steer a boat
  • Learn new techniques to advance your skills
  • Experience the latest instruction style & techniques!

Book into a scheduled course or gather your friends and organize your custom adventure! Group discounts (15%) for 5 or more paddlers and (20%) family discount rates available on instruction costs.

Can I book online?

Absolutely! Our calendar has our current program listings available in real time:

  • Click the “Book Now” button on the right on the page
  • Select your desired date from the calendar
  • Select the number of paddlers per discipline from the dropdown menu
  • Fill out the paddler’s specs form for and relevant comments on gear sizing -> click “Add to cart”
  • Enter your payment info ->  click “Complete and Pay” – You’re all set!
  • Don’t forget to book camping by using our new cart feature!
  • You’ll receive an email receipt and confirmation outlining what to expect and prepare for before your course

What does it cost?

Prices vary depending on your needs, but generally speaking:

  • $16 Annual membership fee – to join our member-owned co-operative!
  • $413 group instruction fee (3 paddlers or more) – private courses available at additional cost
  • $104/boat rental
  • $16/gear piece rental (helmet, paddle, or pfd)
  • $20-24/person/night camping

What happens if I sign up & pay for a group course but there are not the required 3 participants for the course to run?

We will call you 14 days prior to your booking start date to discuss options:

  1. Alter your course for private or semi private (two participants) instruction.  This option includes additional fees for instruction.


2.Rebook your course to join a group that already exists to secure the group pricing.

  • We do our best to find folks to join group courses to insure that everyone is able to get the course, date and rate they want but it is not always possible.

Questions about this course? Give us a call 613-758-2772 or send us an email to learn more or request a custom course



Call to book! A booking fee applies when you book online.