Paddler Co-op is a Non-Profit organization who supports accessible access to safe and exciting experiences.

Due to the nature of our organization- we offer high quality courses at very reasonable prices

The main portion of course fees apply directly to the instructor, with a small percentage feeding back into the Paddler Co-op organization.

Annual membership fees support our substantial insurance costs that protect both participants and equipment in the event of an incident

Certification fees are required by the specific governing body you are testing with

Camping fees are applied to site maintenance and improvements

At this time we do not have any scholarships available for programming, we do hope to offer this in the future. 

*We meet requirements for Canadian Tire Jump Start Program for youth subsidy.  For more information and application- please check out –> Jump Start Funding Web Link

*Please note that Paddler Co-op can not complete a Jump Start Application, families must do so independently.*